Useful Stats and Trends

Get a trend line of your flock's egg production, along with some useful insights, including an all-time egg leaderboard.

Month View

See each month at a glance - green means you got eggs that day, and the small icons indicate days where you've logged notes, added a photo, or had a damaged egg. The month view also contains counts, stats, and an egg leaderboard.

Daily Log

Tap a date on the monthly calendar to drill into the daily log, where you can edit or delete entries, view the photos, or read the notes.

My Flock

Add each of your chickens, with breed, hatch date, and an optional profile photo.

Chicken Profile

Tap on a chicken from the My Flock screen to see details, awards, stats and insights. Use your device's camera to add an optional profile photo or example egg photo.

Log your eggs

Tap the "+" at the top right of most screens to log an entry. Track eggs by individual hen, or in bulk if you only want to track your quantity each day.

About Flockstar

I built Flockstar in my spare time as a fun way to track our backyard chickens' egg production.
What started as a manual chart on a whiteboard is now a cross-platform egg tracker.

Contact Info

If you have any questions, feedback, or feature requests, please contact me:


Twitter: @FlockstarApp